Double Ditch Re-Supply

photoHelicopter Services is providing support for Scott Donaldson as he makes his way to New Zealand in his kayak.  

Scott has encountered numerous problems such as mechanical breakages, but none more imortant than the lack of water.  Scott's desalination equipment is not working well enough to provide him his daily water needs.  Today, John and Mark set out to replace the water that was lost due to the container fracturing on the first drop.


26 June 2014 - 06:09 NZST

ZK-PMC departed NZAP at 06:09NZST and is heading west from Taupo on a 684NM round trip to drop Scott Donaldson more supplies and parts to repair his rudder.


07:20 NZST
Now 38NM east of New Plymouth, Pilot Mark Funnell reports that the weather is good and they are making excellent progress.


07:40 NZST

ZK-PMC is now 84NM from the Taranaki coast.  Here is a picture of the sunrise over the Tasman taken from ZK-PMC about 5 minutes ago.



08:03 NZST

John and Mark are now just 127NM away from Scott. Mark reports that the weather is still good and that they are making great progress towards Scott.


08:43 NZST
ZK-PMC is only 50NM away from Scott.  No further update is available in regards to weather conditions at the moment. 

 zk-pmc 0833


08:59 NZST

ZK-PMC has reached Scott and is now starting the water drop. 

Scott Drop1

09:15 NZST

1st water drop completed.  Waiting for Scott to get all onboard the kayak before starting the next drop. 

09:47 NZST

Re-supply completed.  Mark and John are heading home. . 

10:15 NZST

ZK-PMC is currently heading east and is 160NM away from New Plymouth.  They are heading direct to Taupo. 

10:40 NZST

ZK-PMC is currently heading east and is 90NM away from New Plymouth.  They have a big tail wind which is helping them along at 162knots - 300kmph.  

10:56 NZST

ETA to NZAP is 11:50 NZST

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.52.28 AM



11:14 NZST


Mark has sent through photo's of the drop now.  ZK-PMC has just gone past New Plymouth and is continuing onto Taupo.




11:54 NZST

John and Mark have landed in Taupo.  John is happy to report that only one bottle of water was lost meaning that Scott received well over 50 litres of fresh water.





These photos are provided for the media to use as long as they agree to credit Helicopter Services (BOP) Ltd, and make a payment to a bank account, which is being set up to assist Scott Donaldson.  The details of the account will be made available on the Doubleditch facebook and website ( shortly.


The quantum of the payment shall be a size that others would consider is an appropriate amount, taking into account the size of their publication.  We trust the media will display fairness and honesty when making these payments.


Scott has been in his kayak for over two months, albeit with a short stopover at Lord Howe Island for replacement battery. We consider this demonstrates endurance beyond that of the average person and deserves recognition by way of payment to help offset his costs incurred.


John Funnell


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