Dramatic bid to deliver supplies to NZ kayaker a success

ZK-PMC drop
A risky attempt to deliver much-needed supplies to a Kiwi trans-Tasman kayaker has been a success.

Scott Donaldson's food and water supplies had become dangerously low only 15 days from the end of his quest to become the first person to kayak solo across the Tasman.


Taupo pilot John Funnell, who made the delivery to Mr Donaldson with Mark Funnell, said the operation went without a hitch. Vital supplies were dropped by parachute, a lifeline for a lone kayaker more than a hundred feet below battling five metre swells.


It took more than six hours in the air to make three drops of food and water to Mr Donaldson. Some of the water supply to Mr Donaldson was lost when a water container hit the water hard and broke. This could mean Mr Funnell and his team will need to get more water to him later, but Mr Funnell says the current supply will "keep him going".


Today's mercy dash reached Mr Donaldson far off the Taranaki Coast, and he still has around 550 kilometres to go. But he now has four weeks worth of food.