MV Rena Support

Alongside the MV Rena

Helicopter Services is providing New Zealand based support services for the salvage of the MV Rena.

Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited is supporting recovery of the cargo vessel 'Rena' that is stricken on Astrolabe Reef, 12 miles off the port of Tauranga.  Salvors are being winched on and off the Rena by Helicopter Services specialised winching crew.  We are also assisting in the search for 'lost' containers off the coast.  When found, the containers are gps logged to be retreived by barge.  This information also assists the Tauranga Port and other vessels in avoiding semi submerged containers.




The incident response is being led by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) which has established an Incident Management Team and is working closely with other agencies as part of a fully coordinated government approach to dealing with the issue.