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Agricultural & Forestry

Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited has built a solid reputation over the last 30 years of efficiency, safety and experience and specialises in the sustainability of the New Zealand forestry industry - a member of the NZ Agricultural Aviation Association & fully certified under Growsafe and Spreadmark; meeting all NZ Civil Aviation Authority requirements.



Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited is dedicated to supplying an economical, high quality, forestry & agricultural service.  Whether it be chemical application through to fire fighting, we have developed, and currently use, the latest equipment, which enables us to cater to any of your requirements.


FIRE FIGHTING - We provide a 24/7 on-call service for fire fighting.  Three aircraft are simultaneously available, together with a large amount of support equipment, which allows a quick response together with the ability to operate continuously for up to three hours before needing to re-fuel.  This allows a high impact response for containment prior to a fire getting out of control.


Services & Equipment Available


Aircraft Spray System with the following technology:

- 1000 litre spray tank

- Aquaflow low-drift nozzles

- Autocal flow control
- Specific boom selection
- Tracmap GPS


"Ring of Death" longline spot spraying system allows HSBOP to perform confined area spot spraying operations.


Differential GPS - We operate both Tracmap and AgNav systems, which guarantees accurate chemical application and also enables us to import and export all application information.


Fertiliser & Seeding Buckets with a 1.2 tonne capacity.


Support Equipment - We operate a self-contained truck and trailer unit with helipad, which enables us to transport all chemical, water and fuel requirements for any particular operation.  We also have available:rotoaira_forest_spraying


- 1,400 litre fuel trailer

- 14,000 litre fuel truck

- Low loader truck
- 8x4 Hi-ab truck - Capable of transporting 15,000 litres of water

- JCB Telehandler


Chemical Store - We have our own approved bulk chemical store based in Taupo, which allows us to store customer's products until required.


Communications - All aircraft and support vehicles are equipped with cell phone and radio equipment.  All ground crew have portable hand held radios.


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