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Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited operates three helicopters and multiple fixed wing aircraft for charter, survey and photography work.  Power line survey, hunting trips, or catching a connecting flight are further services we provide to cater to your requirements.


Whether you require a 10-minute scenic flight or a last minute airport transfer, we have the aircraft to suit.  Our six passenger helicopters provide a comfortable, fast mode of transport whilst our fully IFR twin engine fixed wing aircraft can provide an all weather option.


Over the past 25 years Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited has specialised in all forms of survey and photography work, ranging from power line survey/support, forestry survey/mapping or scenic photography to locating your daughter’s lost pony!  We have aircraft (both fixed wing or helicopter), which can be specialised to your requirements.  Our high powered helicopter fleet allows for an extremely safe, stable, platform, ideal for all survey/photography work.

Helicopter Services (BOP) were used to film the ‘We do things differently here’ promotional video that was used in The Cloud for RWC 2011.  In particular, we were the platform for the PAC XL shots and the Martin Jetpack.

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Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited holds concessions to operate in all Department of Conservation areas located in the Central North Island.  Whether your requirements are hunting or fishing, we have, with our high-performance six passenger helicopters, the ability to fly you and your mates (and the kitchen sink) to your required destination.


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