Based in Taupō, New Zealand, Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited stands as a prominent aviation company within the esteemed Funnell family group of companies. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, the company has undergone remarkable expansion, evolving from a single helicopter operation in Taupo to a comprehensive fleet of aircraft engaged in diverse helicopter operations across the Central North Island and beyond.

With specialised expertise in search and rescue, forestry, agricultural chemical application, filming, construction, and lifting, Helicopter Services is renowned for its versatility and reliability in meeting varied aviation needs.

Backed by decades of experience and knowledge in the aviation industry, Helicopter Services boasts a highly skilled crew proficient in all aspects of aviation operations. From seasoned pilots to dedicated ground crew members, our team undergoes rigorous training and rehearsal to ensure the utmost proficiency and safety in every operation we undertake.

Whether it’s aerial maneuvers or ground support, you can trust Helicopter Services to deliver excellence in aviation services.


Mark Funnell
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Pilot
Mobile: 027 4 352 779

Mark is a seasoned commercial pilot certified for both helicopters and airplanes, bringing a wealth of diverse experience to his role.

At Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited, Mark is an integral part of the helicopter fleet, initially specialising as an agricultural spray pilot while also serving as a proficient check and training pilot for airplanes.

His extensive aviation background includes work as a skydive pilot, as well as fulfilling critical roles in air ambulance and charter services, where he seamlessly transitioned between airplanes and helicopters.

Before rejoining Helicopter Services in 2008, Mark spent considerable time with Air New Zealand, where he advanced to the position of Training Captain on regional turboprop aircraft, culminating his tenure with expertise as a Training Captain on the Beech 1900.  

Mark has been pilot for many overseas missions either in a rescue role or commercial in both fixed wing and helicopters.


Hamish Funnell
Helicopter & Fixed Wing Pilot
Mobile: 021 929 084

As well as being one of the directors of Helicopter Services, Hamish has over 3000 hours of flight time across fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

His extensive experience in agricultural and commercial operations is a testament to his skill and dedication in the field of aviation. With a diverse background spanning over 20 years, Hamish ensures the highest standards of safety and professionalism in every flight.

Beyond his role as a commercial pilot, Hamish holds is also a skydiving instructor and examiner, with an impressive record of over 10,000 jumps.


Kevin McDonald
Ground Operations Manager
Mobile: 027 5 445 575

Kevin brings over three decades of invaluable experience to Helicopter Services, where he has honed his expertise across various facets of helicopter operations.

His proficiency spans forestry spraying, lifting operations, and meticulous maintenance of vehicles and equipment. Additionally, Kevin oversees the management of our Bulk Chemical Store, ensuring seamless operations.

Outside of his role at Helicopter Services, Kevin serves as the Deputy Fire Controller for the Taupo/Turangi Rural Fire Department.

With an intimate knowledge of the Central North Island forests, he is able to navigate the labyrinth of forestry roads with effectiveness, leveraging his extensive familiarity with the terrain.