Search and Rescue - New Zealand

Search & Rescue

Helicopter Services (BOP) Limited has been involved in Search & Rescue (SAR) in excess of 25 years.The company was involved in establishing and management of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and SAR operations from hospitals at Palmerston North, Rotorua, Tauranga, and the Waikato.  To this day we still have a rescue helicopter and fixed wing support aircraft at Taupo.



seaman recovery 200nm offshoremil  boat 2Taupo, being our main base, has helicopters that can operate to locations up to 600 NM offshore from the mainland of New Zealand. We have also operated up to 250 NM offshore from New Zealand and the Chatham, Auckland and Camp

bell Islands, transporting persons injured onboard vessels back to hospitals on the mainland.


Direction Finding – Locating Emergency Location Beacons (ELB's). The company uses and has extensive experience with onboard 121.5 Direction Finding (DF) and has never failed to locate a transmitting ELB.


Supply Dropping - The company has developed a supply dropping system from its fixed wing aircraft. This system allows emergency supplies (including life rafts) to be delivered to boats or persons in the water, well outside the range of helicopters. A recent more notable supply drop was to supply water to rower, Shaun Quincey, who was the first person to do a solo crossing from Australia to New Zealand.  As a result of his boat being inverted in a storm, he had lost most of his water. Three drops were made to Shaun, who was some 300 NM offshore, west of New Plymouth.


shaun retrieving supply dropsupply drop to brazil yacht











Above Left:  Shaun Quincey retrieving supply drop

Above Right:  Supplying dismasted yacht with diesel and a radio 120NM east of NZ

Top Right:  Offshore recovery on an injured seaman 200NM east of NZ using Mi-8MTV helicopter operated by a subsidiary company Heli Harvest